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KK Goes Apeshit!

My first "collab" kollage arrived in the mail from puddlescript. My minimalist pink nothingness has turned into a psychedelic kiddie nightmare!

And then from cornpone comes something right out of a mental ward. After flipping it around a few times I figured out that it's some sort of bird-creature with a crazy fang. I think. I like this one because it was sent as a postcard (no envelope) so the post office added a few of their scratches and stickers to it, and it's glazed over with some unidentified ochre colored fluid. It's nutz.
Got this in the mail today from puddlescript. A great collage, right up my alley! Look at the rack on that mutt! Haw! I especially love the astroturf in the background.

Under the new rules...

Here is the first stage of the collage from neckbonejones . I'll try not to mess it up too badly.

Here is my first collage from harebell . My scanner is terrible, so I took a picture of it and it doesn't do it justice. You can't even make out the little buildings in the lower right hand corner... It is very haunting...paper stitched to fabric. I like looking at it. Very nice.



Got my first collage in the mail from harebell. You can't see it in the scan, but the house is mostly made from woven strips of black paper. It must have taken a while, and I appreciate that. The watercolor sky also looks great, especially in real life.

And, knowing this person, I think the collage speaks volumes.
This community now has its own domain name! It's easy to remember, too.
Tell your friends to see your work at




Yay! I got my first collage...it's so exciting getting mail! I found it amusing that the one that I'm currently working on also involves food and is heading right back out to neckbonejones.

Looking forward to seeing more!

First attempt...

Ok, so here is my first one...I'd forgotten how fun it was to play with glue and scissors. And it's interesting how, just like any creative project I suppose, you start with one thing in mind and end up with something completely different.
It will be on its way to Berthoud tomorrow!

My 1st

Here's my first Kollage! It can only go up from here, right?